Medical Technology

Service Offer:

A) new Equipment

Planning of the equipment taking into account the customer requirements.

In a working group with medical technical staff we also offer

  • on-site installation,
  • the guidance and instruction of customers,
  • the repair and maintenance service,
  • and long-term service by competent and qualified personnel

B) for used Equipment

The range of available devices includes all medical technology required for outpatient and inpatient treatment, including anesthesia and operating room.

Especially for regions that require urgent medical aid in the form of (mobile) ambulances or hospitals due to natural catastrophes or military events, we have for financeable amounts individual modules assembled with used medical-technical devices.With all modules together, a complete hospital can be set up.

To the modules:

Modules 01-17

Module 01: Central Sterilization Section

Module 02: Surgery Ward

Module 03: Anesthesia Recovery Room

Module 04: Emergency Surgery Ward

Module 05: Intensive Care Unit

Module 06: X-Ray Department

Module 07: Gynecology Ward

Module 08: Delivery Ward

Module 09: Neonatal- and Infant Ward

Module 10: Diagnostic Ward

Module 11: Endoscopy Section

Module 12: Nursing Ward

Module 13: Station Furnishing

Module 14: Central Laboratory

Module 15: Physiotherapeutic Ward

Module 16: Miscellaneous Equipment

Module 17: Please choose according to your wishes and requirements

Of course, all delivered devices come with a user manual and provided in Germany test protocols. The medical devices are tested according to the valid regulations in Germany (STK, MPG).